CL7 Deuterium Spectral Irradiance Standard (200-400nm)

  • CL7 deuterium spectral irradiance reference standard 200-400nm

Calibrated in our dedicated laboratory with respect to standards calibrated by the Physicalish Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, Germany), calibration is provided over the range 200-400nm.

Fitted with a high performance 30W deuterium lamp, the entrance optic of the spectroradiometer is simply 'plugged in' to a highly-reproducible position using an interchangeable adaptor. A range of such interchangeable adapters accommodate Bentham's range of transmission diffuser and integrating sphere entrance optics.

Stable lamp operation may be ensured in operating the CL7 with the 706 deuterium lamp supply.

Core benefits


  • Enclosed deuterium  spectral irradiance standard lamp (mW-1.m-2.nm-1)
  • Spectral irradiance calibration range 200-400nm
  • High performance 30W deuterium lamp
  • Calibration distance set by entrance optic adapter
  • Designed for optimal performance when powered by the 706 deuterium lamp power supply
  • Calibration performed with respect to Physicalish Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, Germany)

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