CL3 Deuterium Spectral Irradiance Standard (200-400nm)

  • CL3 calibration spectral irradiance reference standard side dimensions

Calibrated in our dedicated laboratory with respect to standards calibrated by the Physicalish Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, Germany), calibration is provided over the range 200-400nm.

The CL3 houses a high performance 30W deuterium lamp matched to the 706 deuterium lamp supply.

Optical bench compatible mounting holes in the base of the CL3 facilitate positioning, whilst the calibration distance is set at a distance of 200mm using a spacer bar. The CL3 may be used alongside an optional BenFlect diffuse reflectance tile and mount to constitute a traceable UV spectral radiance standard.

Core benefits


  • Open-frame spectral irradiance calibration standard (mW-1.m-2.nm-1)
  • Spectral irradiance calibration range 200-400nm
  • Calibration distance measured from a simple datum face
  • Designed for optimal performance when powered by the 706 deuterium lamp power supply
  • Calibration performed with respect to the Physicalish Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, Germany)
  • Optional diffuse reflectance tile and mount available

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