BenWin+ Spectral Acquisition Software

  • BenWin+ spectral acquisition software solar cell evaluation
  • BenWin+ spectral acquisition software PSL measurement
  • BenWin+ spectral acquisitions software spectral distribution
  • BenWin+ spectral acquisition software scan setup
  • BenWin+ spectral acquisition software data correction
  • BenWin+ spectral acquisition software spectral integration
  • BenWin+ spectral acquisition software telescope utility
  • BenWin+ spectral acquisition software XY stage utility

Accompanied by configuration files specific to your hardware, BenWin+ gives access to scan parameters and has the flexibility to adapt to a wide range of measurement types, including spectroradiometry, spectrophotometry and colourimetry. Utilities extend the functionality of BenWin+ to include the control of measurement accessories and to automate calculations.

Core Benefits


  • User-friendly interface to Bentham's portfolio USB enabled hardware
  • Measurement-specific configurations permitting easy migration between setups
  • User initiated or time-delayed spectral scanning
  • Scanning as a function of time at fixed wavelength to monitor source evolution
  • Obtain spectrally integrated quantities (candelas, lux, UVA & UVB irradiance etc)
  • Instantly view colorimetric data
  • Perform transmission, absorption and reflection measurements
  • Perform simple arithmetic functions
  • Utilities enable control of measurement accessories
  • Includes direct Excel export

System requirements

Operating system

Windows 7 or later

Minimum hard disk space required


Minimum RAM required


Ordering information


BenWin+ Spectral Acquisition Software


Additional system licence for BenWin+


Upgrade to BenWin+ V4

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