706 Deuterium Lamp Power Supply

  • 706 Deuterium lamp PSU
  • 706 Deuterium lamp PSU
  • 706 Deuterium lamp PSU

Designed to possess excellent electrical stability and ignition properties, the 706 ensures a reliable arc initiation, very low noise and drift characteristics, and improved lifetime over our range of deuterium sources.

Core benefits


  • Provides optimal operation of our range of deuterium sources
  • Anode, cathode and heater connections
  • Automated ignition process
  • Front panel indication of starting and lamp operation
  • Anode current regulated to 300mA


Anode voltage

60-110 V DC

Anode current

300 mA DC ± 2.5%

Anode current stability

≤ 0.05% peak-peak

Anode current drift

≤ 0.1%/ h (after 30 minute warm-up)

Heater voltage

2.5V DC (warm-up) 1.0V DC (in operation)

Heater current

4.0A DC (warm-up) 1.8A DC (in operation)

Warm-up time

10 s

Strike voltage


Interface & Mechanical


Front panel

Front panel control features

Power on/off


Power on LED, lamp strike LED


205L x 141W x 79H (mm)


2 kg

Power supply

Mains input 110/220V 50/60Hz

Ordering Information


Deuterium lamp power supply

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