496 DSP Lock-In Amplifier Module

  • 496 modular DSP lock-in amplifier unit
  • 496 dual-channel lock-in amplifier module in 417 mainframe

This free running and fully automated amplifier measures both channels simultaneously whilst a display reports magnitude, phase, signal to noise ratio and frequency. Data acquisition is fully automated over the USB interface.

Core benefits


  • Double width module housed within the 417/417T unit
  • Front panel or USB 2.0 control
  • Dual input for use with multiple detector configurations
  • Digital signal processing
  • Displays magnitude, phase, frequency and SNR


Channel 1 input

Voltage input to lock-in amplifier

Channel 2 input

Voltage input to lock-in amplifier

Input Range

0 to 10V

Input Impedance

100MΩ/25pF, pseudo differential

Reference Input

0 to 5V

Frequency Range

10Hz - 2kHz

Dynamic Reserve

Not applicable - digital demodulation

Gain Ranges

Binary gain, 2-6 to 214

Gain Accuracy


Gain Stability


Output Stability

5ppm/°C to 500ppm/°C depending on sensitivity

Time Constant

10ms to 10s

ADC Resolution

16 bit

ADC Speed

52 kHz

Interface and Mechanical


USB via 417/417T Unit (I2C)


Front panel/ USB

Front Panel Controlled Features

Input select, gain range select, integration time select


Dual width module, 3U high




LCD display of signal, frequency, phase and SNR

Ordering Information


496 DSP Lock-In Amplifier Module

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