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The new SCIAMACHY reference solar spectral irradiance and its validation.

11 November 2017


This paper reports on the new reference solar spectral irradiances (SSI) retrieved from measurements of the satellite instrument SCIAMACHY in the wavelength region from 0.24 µm to 2.4 µm and its comparison with several other established solar reference spectra. The SCIAMACHY reference spectrum has been taken early in the mission before substantial optical degradation due to the harsh space environment set in.

Recent radiometric calibration of SCIAMACHY includes a physical model of the scanner unit that accounts for the optical degradation with time. Furthermore, SCIAMACHY’s internal white light source (WLS) is used to correct for on-ground to in-flight changes. The improved calibration procedure for SCIAMACHY results in good agreement with present SSI references in the visible spectral range and corrects for the strong throughput losses due to detector icing in the near infrared (NIR). Nevertheless, a deficit with respect to the ATLAS-3 composite and SORCE/SIM SSI is observed in the NIR. However, SCIAMACHY agrees well with recently


Hilbig, T., Weber, M., Bramstadt, K., Noël, S., Burrows, J.P., Krijger, J.M., Snel, R., Meftah, M., Damé, L., Bekki, S. and Bolsée, D., 2017. The new SCIAMACHY reference solar spectral irradiance and its validation. Sol. Phys., submitted.

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Categories: Solar & Photovoltaics

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