Super-durable closed-surface antireflection thin film by silica nanocomposites.

11 November 2017


A closed-surface silica antireflection thin film was prepared in single dipping process by growing branched silica chain from modified acid catalyzed sol-gel in hollow silica sphere sol-gel. The refractive index and thickness of thin film could be fine-tuned via acid catalyzed sol-gel content and withdrawing speed. Transmittance of this closed-surface AR thin film was as high as 97.1% with refractive index around 1.25–1.27. 2.5% gain in short circuit current was measured from both external quantum efficiency and flashing test on mini photovoltaic modules.

The closed-surface structure was with a 5 H pencil hardness, and approximately 2.0 GPa indent hardness in nanoindenter test. It was resistant to high moisture and high temperature, mainly due to absence of voids on surface. The closed-surface AR thin film had potential to be applied in photovoltaic module, architecture windows in severe climate conditions.


Guo, Z.Q., Liu, Y., Tang, M.Y., Wang, J.H. and Su, X.P., 2017. Super-durable closed-surface antireflection thin film by silica nanocomposites. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 170, pp.143-148.

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Category: Solar & Photovoltaics

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