Reflection measurements for luminescent powders.

11 November 2017


Luminescent materials are useful in applications varying from lighting and display technologies to document security features and medical research, amongst many others. Measurement of the excitation range is an important consideration, and absorption bands are often determined from a decrease in the measured diffuse reflectance of the material using a ultraviolet-visible (UV–vis) spectrophotometer with an integrating sphere.

Such a system may provide questionable results when used to measure the reflectance of a luminescence material, which is demonstrated for a Tb doped silica phosphor, because the system cannot differentiate between the reflected light and luminescence. It is shown that more reliable results are achieved for this phosphor by measuring the reflectance using a synchronous zero-offset scan in a fluorescence spectrometer equipped with an integrating sphere. This method is therefore recommended instead of traditional reflectance measurements using a UV–vis spectrophotometer for luminescent powders.


Kroon, R.E., 2017. Reflection measurements for luminescent powders. Physica B: Condensed Matter.

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Category: Material & Chemical

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