Record 1.0 V open‐circuit voltage in wide band gap chalcopyrite solar cells.

11 November 2017


Tandem solar cell structures require a high-performance wide band gap absorber as top cell. A possible candidate is CuGaSe2, with a fundamental band gap of 1.7 eV. However, a significant open-circuit voltage deficit is often reported for wide band gap chalcopyrite solar cells like CuGaSe2. In this paper, we show that the open-circuit voltage can be drastically improved in wide band gap p-Cu(In,Ga)Se2 and p-CuGaSe2 devices by improving the conduction band alignment to the n-type buffer layer. This is accomplished by using Zn1−xSnxOy, grown by atomic layer deposition, as a buffer layer.

In this case, the conduction band level can be adapted to an almost perfect fit to the wide band gap Cu(In,Ga)Se2 and CuGaSe2 materials. With an improved buffer band alignment for CuGaSe2 absorbers, evaporated in a 3-stage type process, we show devices exhibiting open-circuit voltages up to 1017 mV, and efficiencies up to 11.9%. This is to the best of our knowledge the highest reported open-circuit voltage and efficiency for a CuGaSe2 device.

Temperature-dependent current-voltage measurements show that the high open-circuit voltage is explained by reduced interface recombination, which makes it possible to separate the influence of absorber quality from interface recombination in future studies.


Larsson, F., Nilsson, N.S., Keller, J., Frisk, C., Kosyak, V., Edoff, M. and Törndahl, T., 2017. Record 1.0 V open‐circuit voltage in wide band gap chalcopyrite solar cells. Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications.

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Category: Solar & Photovoltaics

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