Photon Upconversion at Crystalline Organic–Organic Heterojunctions.

11 November 2016


Triplet transfer across a surface-anchored metal–organic-framework heterojunction is demonstrated by the observation of triplet–triplet annihilation photon ­upconversion in a sensitizer–emitter heterostructure.

Upconversion thresholds under 1 mW cm−2 are achieved. In the broader context, the double-electron-exchange mechanism of triplet transfer indicates that the heterojunction quality is sufficient for electrons to move between layers in this solution-processed crystalline heterostructure.


Oldenburg, M., Turshatov, A., Busko, D., Wollgarten, S., Adams, M., Baroni, N., Welle, A., Redel, E., Wöll, C., Richards, B.S. and Howard, I.A., 2016. Photon Upconversion at Crystalline Organic–Organic Heterojunctions. Advanced Materials, 28(38), pp.8477-8482.

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Categories: Material & Chemical, Solar & Photovoltaics

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