Organometallic Perovskite Metasurfaces.

11 November 2017


Organometallic perovskites, solution-processable materials with outstanding optoelectronic properties and high index of refraction, provide a platform for all-dielectric metamaterials operating at visible frequencies. Perovskite metasurfaces with structural coloring tunable across visible frequencies are realized through subwavelength structuring. Moreover, a threefold increase of the luminescence yield and comparable reduction of luminescence decay time are observed.


Gholipour, B., Adamo, G., Cortecchia, D., Krishnamoorthy, H.N., Birowosuto, M., Zheludev, N.I. and Soci, C., 2017. Organometallic Perovskite Metasurfaces. Advanced Materials, 29(9).

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Category: Material & Chemical

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