On the Synthesis, Phase Optimisation and Luminescence of Some Rare Earth Pyrosilicates.

11 November 2017


This work concerns the synthesis, effect of fluxes on the formation of single phase materials, and spectroscopic characterization of rare earth pyrosilicates according to Ln2Si2O7 (with Ln = La, Lu, Y). It turned out that by the support of LiF as a flux it is possible to obtain a single phase of the polymorph Lu2Si2O7, La2Si2O7, and Y1,9La0,1Si2O7 compositions.

Tauc-plots of the VUV reflection spectra of these compounds were used to derive the optical band gaps, which are in the range between 6.2 and 7.1 eV. The single phase samples show strong photoluminescence in the UV and visible range upon excitation by VUV radiation or by electron bombardment. PL spectra have been measured by 160 nm excitation and cathode luminescence (CL) spectra have been recorded at electron beam energies between 2 and 20 keV, respectively. All measurements reveal that the pyrosilicates show strong defect luminescence, whereby the observed broad emission bands are assigned to different defect types.Citation

Gerdes, R., Bettentrup, H., Enseling, D., Haase, M. and Jüstel, T., 2017. On the Synthesis, Phase Optimisation and Luminescence of Some Rare Earth Pyrosilicates. Journal of Luminescence.

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