Magnetic field sensor based on multi-port microcoil resonator.

11 November 2017


A multi-port microcoil resonator magnetic field sensor based on a microfiber coupler coil resonator (MMCR) is presented. The microfiber coupler coil is fabricated by coiling a four-port microfiber coupler with a uniform waist region around a low index support rod.

The MMCR is embedded in a low refractive index polymer to increase the robustness and operation stability. The enhanced sensor response to the magnetic field is ascribed to the diverse MMCR response to the light polarization state. The MMCR magnetic field sensor is compact and low cost, and exhibits a magnetic field sensitivity of 37.09 dB/T with an estimated minimum detection limit (DL) of ~ 27 μT.

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Talataisong, W., Ismaeel, R., Masoudi, A., Beresna, M. and Brambilla, G., 2017, April. Magnetic field sensor based on multi-port microcoil resonator. In 25th International Conference on Optical Fiber Sensors (pp. 1032309-1032309). International Society for Optics and Photonics.

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Category: Photonics & Optoelectronics

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