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Light emitting devices from organic charge transfer adduct thin films.

11 November 1999


For the first time, thin film devices of charge transfer adducts of tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) have been fabricated. A luminance of 5 cd m−2 has been achieved for a device structure ITO/poly(aniline)/TTF(NO3)0.55/Al whose EL spectrum has a broad peak at 645 nm. The devices were fabricated by spin coating from solutions of the adducts. A luminous efficiency of 5×10−4 lm W−1 has been obtained for these devices which is comparable to that of ITO/poly(aniline)/Alq3/Al (5.2×10−4 lm W−1) under same fabrication conditions.

The single layer, mixed layer and double layer devices fabricated in this study fit the space charge limited model. Devices fabricated from the adduct [TTF–Alq3] emit white light (40 cd m−2) with a luminous efficiency of 6.6×10−4 lm W−1. The colour of light emitted appears to depend on the effective oxidation state of TTF in the adducts.


Kathirgamanathan, P., Kandappu, V., Hara, S., Chandrakumar, K., Marianesan, S.L., Selvaranjan, S., Surendrakumar, S. and Toohey, M.J., 1999. Light emitting devices from organic charge transfer adduct thin films. Materials Letters, 40(6), pp.285-293.

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