Four‐Terminal Perovskite/Silicon Multijunction Solar Modules.

11 November 2017


Multijunction solar cells employing perovskite and crystalline-silicon (c-Si) light absorbers bear the exciting potential to surpass the efficiency limit of market-leading single-junction c-Si solar cells. However, scaling up this technology and maintaining high efficiency over large areas are challenging as evidenced by the small-area perovskite/c-Si multijunction solar cells reported so far. In this work, a scalable four-terminal multijunction solar module design employing a 4 cm2 semitransparent methylammonium lead triiodide perovskite solar module stacked on top of an interdigitated back contact c-Si solar cell of identical area is demonstrated.

With a combination of optimized transparent electrodes and efficient module design, the perovskite/c-Si multijunction solar modules exhibit power conversion efficiencies of 22.6% on 0.13 cm2 and 20.2% on 4 cm2 aperture area. Furthermore, a detailed optoelectronic loss analysis along with strategies to enhance the performance is discussed.


Jaysankar, M., Qiu, W., van Eerden, M., Aernouts, T., Gehlhaar, R., Debucquoy, M., Paetzold, U.W. and Poortmans, J., 2017. Four‐Terminal Perovskite/Silicon Multijunction Solar Modules. Advanced Energy Materials.

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Category: Solar & Photovoltaics

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