Emissivity of coated silicon at elevated temperatures.

11 November 1998


Isothermal electron beam heating has been combined with in situ optical measurements in order to measure the emissivity of coated silicon samples at elevated temperatures. The coatings include a number of oxide, nitride, and silicon films. Infrared emission spectra were recorded from I to 9 μm for temperatures between 750 and 1200°C.

The experimental results were compared with calculated theoretical values, which were predicted from the theory of thin film coatings, using a matrix model incorporating the optical constants for the materials. A good match between experimental and theoretical values validates the use of the infrared optical constants for theoretical modelling related to control and temperature measurements in rapid thermal processing systems.


Rogne, H. and Ahmed, H., 1998. Emissivity of coated silicon at elevated temperatures. MRS Online Proceedings Library Archive, 525.

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Category: Material & Chemical

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