Ecologic ceramic substrates for CIGS solar cells.

11 November 2016


In this work the use of porcelain stoneware tiles as alternative substrates for CIGS thin film solar cells for the development of specific applications as those related to building integration (BIPV, BAPV) are reported.

Two types of porcelain stoneware have been compared: the conventional tile (STD) and the ecological tile (ECO). The ECO ceramic paste formulation has been designed adding industrial wastes (recycled glass, sludges and chamote). Chemical, technological and functional properties of the paste have been performed. The CIGS absorber has been synthesized by an easy and low-cost way of preparation using co-precipitation method. The solar cell device has been completed and fully characterized.

The achieved results indicate better performances for ECO paste compared to the STD, stated in improved mechanical resistance, thickness and morphology. It is demonstrated that both tiles are suitable for solar cell applications, but ECO substrate developed higher energy conversion efficiency of 1.3%.


Fraga, D., Lyubenova, T.S., Martí, R., Calvet, I., Barrachina, E. and Carda, J.B., 2016. Ecologic ceramic substrates for CIGS solar cells. Ceramics International, 42(6), pp.7148-7154.

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Category: Solar & Photovoltaics

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