Coordinated Ozone and UV project.

11 November 1998


The project encompasses all the major Norwegian research groups in the field of stratospheric ozone and UV research. The duration is from 1. January 1999 to 31 December 2000, i.e. two years. The following tasks will be carried out:

 Investigation of the ozone layer over North Polar and middle latitudes with various instrumental techniques, such as spectrometers, ozonesondes and an ozone lidar.

  • Final development and use of a 3-D chemical transport model.
  • Diagnosis of chemical ozone loss through analysis of experimental observations and comparison of measurements with modelling results.
  • Investigation of transport mechanisms between the polar vortex and middle latitudes through case studies found by observations close to the vortex edge.
  • Study of the coupling between ozone change and climate change in the stratosphere and upper troposphere.
  • Scenario calculations in order to investigate the consequences of temperature change in the stratosphere and various degrees of compliance with the Montreal protocol.
  • Development of methods to measure global, direct and radiance distribution of UV, to improve UV dose calculations derived from instruments with different characteristics, during all weather conditions.
  • To investigate the influence of clouds on the surface UV radiation. To use existing surface UV radiation measurements together with existing radiation models to investigate the connection between UV radiation and ozone, cloud optical depth and surface albedo for several locations in Norway.

There will be close collaboration between the involved groups in order to ensure a coherent effort. 


Braathen, G.O., Arlander, B., Bojkov, B., Fløisand, I. and Hansen, G., 1998. Coordinated Ozone and UV project.

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