Color sensitivity of the multi-exposure HDR imaging process.

11 November 2013


Multi-exposure high dynamic range(HDR) imaging builds HDR radiance maps by stitching together different views of a same scene with varying exposures. Practically, this process involves converting raw sensor data into low dynamic range (LDR) images, estimate the camera response curves, and use them in order to recover the irradiance for every pixel. During the export, applying white balance settings and image stitching, which both have an influence on the color balance in the final image.

In this paper, we use a calibrated quasi-monochromatic light source, an integrating sphere, and a spectrograph in order to evaluate and compare the average spectral response of the image sensor. We finally draw some conclusion about the color consistency of HDR imaging and the additional steps necessary to use multi-exposure HDR imaging as a tool to measure the physical quantities such as radiance and luminance.


Lenseigne, B., Jacobs, V.A., Withouck, M., Hanselaer, P. and Jonker, P.P., 2013. Color sensitivity of the multi-exposure HDR imaging process. Advanced Optical Technologies, 2(2), pp.159-169.

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Category: Photonics & Optoelectronics

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