An investigation into red emitting phosphors for display and lightings.

11 November 2016


An Investigation into Red Emitting Phosphors for Display and Lightings Two very different classes of red phosphors were evaluated in this thesis; sulphide based phosphors (CaS:Eu2+) and phosphors based on the formulae:- LiEu1- xMx(MoO4)2-y(WO4)y, [M=Al3+, Y3+ and Gd3+]. CaS:Eu2+ was coated with Al2O3 using atomic layer deposition technique and placed into a humidity chamber at high temperature and high humidity for a period of time. The emission spectra were measured and evaluated against uncoated CaS:Eu2+. The results from the humidity tests revealed that Al2O3 coated CaS:Eu2+ increased the life span of the phosphor and therefore can be the potential use for the purpose of application at moderate humidity and temperature.

For the phosphors based on LiEu1-xMx(MoO4)2-y(WO4), all the findings reported herein showed that, depending upon the types of cations introduced to the host lattices, incorporation of M at some point offered very much the same or better luminous efficacy when compared to the parent compound with 100 mol% of Eu3+. This work also attempted to examine the correlative relationship between the crystal structures and the luminous efficacies although some attempts were unsuccessful. The findings discovered within this research are beneficial for solid state lighting industries where the cost of using rare earth metals has become significant and recycling is difficult.


Ghazli, M.F.B., 2016. An investigation into red emitting phosphors for display and lightings (Doctoral dissertation, Brunel University London).

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