A self-coupling multi-port microcoil resonator.

11 November 2012


A new type of self-coupling multi-port microcoil resonator using a microfiber coupler is presented. The microresonators, a simple combination of a microfiber coupler and microcoil resonator, were fabricated by coiling a four port microfiber coupler around a low index support rod to induce optical resonance via coupling between adjacent turns.

Light propagates along the coil whilst the beating between the supermodes of the coupler is still present, giving an increased extinction ratio and an output spectrum strongly dependent on the microfiber coupler diameter. The multiport microcoil resonator was embedded in a low refractive index polymer to improve its robustness and the polarization dependence was further analyzed.

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Ismaeel, R., Lee, T., Al-Saab, F., Jung, Y. and Brambilla, G., 2012. A self-coupling multi-port microcoil resonator. Optics express, 20(8), pp.8568-8574.

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Category: Photonics & Optoelectronics

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