Solar & Photovoltaics

Solar actinic flux spectroradiometry: A technique for measuring photolysis frequencies in the atmosphere.

Hofzumahaus, A., Kraus, A. and Müller, M., 1999. Applied Optics, 38(21), pp.4443-4460.

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Doped conducting-polymer–semiconducting-polymer interfaces: Their use in organic photovoltaic devices.

Arias, A.C., Granström, M., Thomas, D.S., Petritsch, K. and Friend, R.H., 1999. Physical Review B, 60(3), p.1854.

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Effect of aerosols on solar UV irradiances during the Photochemical Activity and Solar Ultraviolet Radiation campaign.

Kosmidis, E., 1998. A. Kylling,"* AF Bais" M. Blumthaler,“J. Schreder,“CS Zerefos," and. Journal of geophysical research, 103(D20), pp.26051-26.

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Cloud flagging of UV spectral irradiance measurements.

Feister, U. and Gericke, K., 1998. Atmospheric research, 49(2), pp.115-138.

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Coordinated Ozone and UV project.

Braathen, G.O., Arlander, B., Bojkov, B., Fløisand, I. and Hansen, G., 1998.

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Case study on the influence of inhomogeneous surface albedo on UV irradiance.

Degünther, M., Meerkötter, R., Albold, A. and Seekmeyer, G., 1998. Geophysical research letters, 25(19), pp.3587-3590.

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Correcting global solar ultraviolet spectra recorded by a Brewer spectroradiometer for its angular response error.

Bais, A.F., Kazadzis, S., Balis, D., Zerefos, C.S. and Blumthaler, M., 1998. Applied optics, 37(27), pp.6339-6344.

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Laminated fabrication of polymeric photovoltaic diodes.

Granström, M., Petritsch, K., Arias, A.C., Lux, A., Andersson, M.R. and Friend, R.H., 1998. Nature, 395(6699), pp.257-260.

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Human melanocytes and keratinocytes exposed to UVB or UVA in vivo show comparable levels of thymine dimers.

Young, A.R., Potten, C.S., Nikaido, O., Parsons, P.G., Boenders, J., Ramsden, J.M. and Chadwick, C.A., 1998. Journal of investigative dermatology, 111(6), pp.936-940.

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Inhibitory effect of solar radiation on thymidine and leucine incorporation by freshwater and marine bacterioplankton.

Sommaruga, R., Obernosterer, I., Herndl, G.J. and Psenner, R., 1997. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 63(11), pp.4178-4184.

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