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The maintenance ability and Ca2+ availability of skeletal muscle are enhanced by sildenafil.

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Category: Medical & Pharmaceutical

Light protection of chemotherapy drugs for infusion.

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Category: Medical & Pharmaceutical

Dosimeter based on 8-methoxypsoralen for UVA exposures over extended periods.

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Category: Medical & Pharmaceutical

Interaction between mitsugumin 29 and TRPC3 participates in regulating Ca 2+ transients in skeletal muscle.

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Category: Medical & Pharmaceutical

Endothelial surface glycocalyx can regulate flow-induced nitric oxide production in microvessels in vivo.

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Category: Medical & Pharmaceutical

Reinforcing endothelial junctions prevents microvessel permeability increase and tumor cell adhesion in microvessels in vivo.

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Category: Medical & Pharmaceutical

Heteromeric TRPC3 with TRPC1 formed via its ankyrin repeats regulates the resting cytosolic Ca 2+ levels in skeletal muscle.

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Category: Medical & Pharmaceutical

Raman Spectra of Solid Amino Acids: Spectral Correlation Analysis as the First Step Towards Identification by Raman Spectroscopy.

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Categories: Photonics & Optoelectronics, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Material & Chemical

Antibacterial phototoxic effects of synthetic asymmetric and glycosylated curcuminoids in aqueous formulations: Studies on curcumin and curcuminoids. LIV.

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Category: Medical & Pharmaceutical

Differential arrest and adhesion of tumor cells and microbeads in the microvasculature.

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Category: Medical & Pharmaceutical

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