Papers & Citations

Alkali treatment for single-stage co-evaporated thin CuIn0.7Ga0.3Se2 solar cells.

de Wild, J., Simor, M., Buldu, D.G., Kohl, T., Brammertz, G., Meuris, M., Poortmans, J. and Vermang, B., 2019. Thin Solid Films, 671, pp.44-48.

Categories: Solar & Photovoltaics, Material & Chemical

Measuring vision using innate behaviours in mice with intact and impaired retina function.

Storchi, R., Rodgers, J., Gracey, M., Martial, F.P., Wynne, J., Ryan, S., Twining, C.J., Cootes, T.F., Killick, R. and Lucas, R.J., 2019. BioRxiv, p.520247.

Category: Medical & Pharmaceutical

Seasonal Minimum and Maximum Solar Ultraviolet Exposure Measurements of Classroom Teachers residing in Tropical North Queensland, Australia.

Downs, N.J., Igoe, D.P., Parisi, A.V., Taylor, O., Lazzaroni, S.L., Rawlings, A., Garzón‐Chavez, D.R. and Harrison, S.L., 2019. Photochemistry and photobiology.

Categories: Solar & Photovoltaics, Public Health & PPE

Electron‐Beam‐Evaporated Nickel Oxide Hole Transport Layers for Perovskite‐Based Photovoltaics.

Abzieher, T., Moghadamzadeh, S., Schackmar, F., Eggers, H., Sutterlüti, F., Farooq, A., Kojda, D., Habicht, K., Schmager, R., Mertens, A. and Azmi, R., 2019. Advanced Energy Materials, p.1802995.

Categories: Solar & Photovoltaics, Material & Chemical

The Effect of Materials Architecture in TiO2/MOF Composites on CO2 Photoreduction and Charge Transfer.

Crake, A., Christoforidis, K.C., Gregg, A., Moss, B., Kafizas, A. and Petit, C., 2019. Small, p.1805473.

Category: Solar & Photovoltaics

Active area cell efficiency (19%) monocrystalline silicon solar cell fabrication using low-cost processing with small footprint laboratory tools.

Basu, P.K., Kumbhar, S., Sreejith, K.P., Yadav, T.S., Kottantharayil, A., Arora, B.M., Narasimhan, K.L. and Sharma, A.K., 2019. Bulletin of Materials Science, 42(1), p.33.

Categories: Solar & Photovoltaics, Material & Chemical

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