Work Experience Week at Bentham

8 March 2019

This week we’ve had Sydnee with our teams for a week of work experience. Sydnee attends one of the local schools, this event happens pre-GCSE’s; one of the reasons she chose Bentham is because her father is part of our Production Team. We wanted to give her as wide an experience as possible which meant that most departments would be involved with her. John Hughes, our General Manager, interviewed Sydnee towards the end of the week.

1. What were your expectations when you arrived at Bentham for work experience?

“I didn’t have many expectations, Dad didn’t explain what Bentham did. I expected to be in a new environment and hoped that I would learn new skills.”

2. What did you hope to get out of your work experience?

“I wanted to discover what it was like to be in a business and to have a non-school experience.”

3. You have spent some time in Production, Marketing, Sales, Finance and Service. Which function did you enjoy the most?

“Production. I don’t do practical subjects at school so this has been something different, a new experience. I’ve enjoyed using my hands to assemble components with some advice and assistance from staff in the department.”

4. What will you tell your school friends about Bentham next week when you return to school?

“I’ll be able to tell them what Bentham manufacture and explain what I learnt while I was here. I’ll also tell them how nice the environment feels here mainly because of how well the people work together.”

5. Has this week helped you to come to any conclusions about what you might like to do for a career?

“It hasn’t allowed me to fix any ideas, so no conclusions, but this week has given me some insight that will help me to decide future options. From what I’ve seen, office work seems boring and repetitive which might be why I’ve preferred Production

6. What would you say to encourage the year below you to do work experience next year?

“It has been fun to be somewhere new, the experience teaches new skills.”

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