Product launch: Introducing the HDRS300 System

15 January 2020

HDRS300 system

Are you ready for ISO 23698 to replace ISO 24444 for SPF determination?

Product manufacturers and test institutes can now test their SPF products without the ethical concerns of causing erythema in test subjects. Developed alongside experts with decades of experience of SPF testing, the HDRS300 produces the best available in vivo spectral data for product development.

The HDRS technique combines in vitro measurements on a PMMA plate along with in vivo diffuse reflectance spectroscopy measurements. The HDRS300 is optimised for making these challenging spectral in vivo measurements and giving you the data to assess the performance of your sunscreen.

With high performance measurement capability and full hardware automation for ease of use, the HDRS300 is revolutionising SPF testing.

Benefits of hybrid diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and the HDRS300:

  • In vivo testing with excellent link to ISO 24444 and correlation to ISO 24443 in vitro results
  • Non-erythemal testing eliminates ethical concerns
  • Provides spectral in vivo results for targeted product development
  • Get ahead of the ISO 23698 standard for in vivo SPF labelling
  • Measure products up to and beyond SPF 100

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Category: Cosmetics & Sun Protection

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