New feature: Automatic source alignment on IDR300-PSL with TEL310 and PSL-ALIGN

Written by Bentham 18 April 2023

New feature: Automatic source alignment

on IDR300-PSL with TEL310 and PSL-ALIGN

Aligning a high-magnification telescope with a small light source in a darkroom can be difficult, but with this update to the IDR300-PSL system it becomes trivial. Read on below for a summary of the new capability, or just watch the video!

New Alignment Camera

The TEL310's new secondary wide angle camera is mounted parallel to the axis of the telescope, above the main aperture. The telescope utility in our spectral aquisition suite BenWin+  shows the operator a broad overview of the target area as well as the precise axis of the telescope.

PSL-ALIGN: Automatic alignment with new external camera

If the TEL310 is mounted on a PSL-ALIGN, shown on the right, the accessible region is marked on the camera image, allowing rapid positioning of the sample. A button click will drive the PSL-ALIGN to the target... or simply click on the part of the image you wish to align the telescope with!

PSL-ALIGN: Automatic Alignment fine-tuning with existing internal camera

The final alignment can be perfected with the TEL310's original internal camera, which has gained the same click-to-target and automatic alignment functionality.  

Directly observe what light passes through the telescope

The TEL310's internal coaxial camera shows the internal aperture, and can therefore be used to further fine-tune the position of the PSL-ALIGN once the aperture is in place so you can be certain what areas of the light source your system is sampling.

In the below screenshot, a 5 milliradian aperture is visible as a black circle -- black, since the light from this region is collected by the measurement system.

More Information

For more information, head over to the IDR300-PSL page, watch the new feature's demo video, or Contact Us if you are interested or have questions!

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