Head of Optical Metrology

Location: Reading, UK
Package: Competitive base salary, attractive bonus, life assurance

Job Description

Bentham is looking to recruit an optical metrology expert to join its engineering team as head of optical metrology. The role will include management and business development of the Bentham measurement service, thought leadership related to internal measurement procedures and data management, and technical contributions as an active member of the engineering team.


Bentham measurement service

  • Management of the Bentham optical metrology team (including personnel management and budget setting).
  • Promotion of the Bentham measurement service to customers.
  • Collaboration with UKAS to acquire an accreditation for the Bentham measurement laboratory.
  • Design of measurement and calibration processes.
  • Calculation of measurement uncertainties.
  • Day-to-day oversight of the measurements performed for both Bentham and customer products.

Data management

  • Internal measurement data
  • Review how optical measurement data generated by the Bentham production team is captured and stored.
  • Initiate and manage a project to migrate this internal data to a central database to allow more efficient access and analysis.
  • Customer facing measurement data
  • Review the optical measurement data currently displayed on, and downloadable from www.bentham.co.uk.
  • Initiate and manage a project to improve the data scope, quality, and presentation of this data.
  • Set optical measurement procedures for the Bentham production team to use as post-build performance criteria.
  • Provide optical metrology related expertise to the Bentham engineering team.

Qualifications / Skills

  • PhD in optical metrology or related equivalent qualification.
  • Able to identify key parameters of optical devices, design and carry out experiments to measure these parameters.
  • Laboratory safety procedures including laser safety, risk assessments.
  • Laboratory management including procuring optical components.
  • Software / data management.


  • A hands-on role where you were physically involved with optical measurements.
  • Personnel management.
  • Project management.

Company Profile

Light is our passion, Bentham Instruments has a world-wide reputation in optics and photonics. A privately-owned SME, for 45 years, we have been at the fore front of the development and manufacture of scientific instrumentation used to characterise sources of light, detectors and materials. Our team comprises 20 – 25 committed people.

Our diverse client base comprises industrial R&D, production and quality departments, universities, research establishments, hospitals and national metrology institutes.

With an enviable reputation for quality and service and a global presence, we have an ambitious plan for growth that includes new products, facility expansion and additional headcount alongside improved business processes and organisational development.

How to apply:

Please send your CV and cover letter to personnel@bentham.co.uk.