WLS100 Fibre-coupled White Light Source

The Bentham WLS100 is a general purpose fibre coupled white light source. It is designed to maximise the coupling of broad band light into terminated fibre optics (FC, SAM, etc).

The WLS100 houses a 100W quartz halogen lamp, powered by a constant current power supply to guarantee exceptional stability.

A condenser lens assembly ensures optimal coupling to the optical fibre of choice. The front panel may be fitted with either an SMA or FC connector.


Wavelength range 300nm - 2500nm
Typical output power 350-1800nm in 200┬Ám fibre, 5.5mW
Colour Temperature 3200K
Recommended warm-up time 5 minutes
Estimated lamp lifetime 2000h
Options SMA or FC connector

WLS100 spectrum