TLS150Xe High Power Tuneable Light Source

TLS150Xe tunable light source

The TLS150Xe is a high power tuneable light source that delivers superlative stability, high wavelength agility and the power of continuous tuning.

Bringing together high optical performance and the convenience of a single, plug-and-play unit, the TLS150Xe gives you the power of monochromatic light at your fingertips.

Associating the TLS150Xe with accessories from our portfolio can provide a full measurement setup in a wide range of applications.


Key features:

Part Number Spectral Range (nm) Description
FOP-UV-4-4-1000 200-1350 1m long, UV grade doped quartz fibre bundle. 4mm diameter profile at both ends, 0.22 NA
SMA-1.5-1000 300-1200 1m long, UV grade doped quartz multimode fibre patch cable, 1.5mm core diameter, SMA/SMA, 0.39 NA
LLG-3-1000 275-700 1m long, liquid light guide, 3mm diameter