Solar Simulator Characterisation (200-2500nm)

Whether you are using a solar simulator to test photovoltaic devices or to determine the photostability of sun-exposed products, there are standards in place which define the reference spectra and irradiance levels of the source to be used. It is therefore essential to know the spectral irradiance of the solar simulator's output.

Using a double monochromator for accurate measurements, Bentham's Solar Simulator Characterisation System allows the user to determine the spectral irradiance of the source over the spectral range 200-2500nm in a single scan.

Based on such a measurement, it is possible to determine the irradiances in specific wavelength ranges and to compare the simulators spectrum with that of reference sources, such as AM0 and AM1.5.

The IDR300 spectroradiometer performs fully automated spectroradiometric measurements from 200 to 3000nm which makes it ideal for even the most demanding solar cell research application.

IDR300 : 200-1700nm

(pictures courtesy of TS-Space Sytems)

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