ORM400 Optical Radiation Meter


The ORM400 Optical Radiation Meter has a USB 2.0 interface and is supplied with powerful calibration features and data display functions. It is ideally suited to display the measurements from the DH400 range of detectors as well as third party current generating detectors.

The ORM400 includes a library of standard spectral light sources to which customers may add. This enables the greatest accuracy and flexibility when measuring light sources with a filter based instrument.

Bentham offers a range of filter based detectors offering 'close match' spectral responses to the desired function. For example, the DH400_VL photometric detector provides high accuracy illuminance and luminance measurements.

Model Spectral Function Wavelength range Normal Calibration
DH400_VL Photometric 380-780nm lux
DH400_VS Scotopic 380-780nm lux
DH400_UVA Radiometric UV-A 315-400nm W/m2
DH400_UVB Radiometric UV-B 280-315nm W/m2
DH400_UVC Radiometric UV-C 250-280nm W/m2
DH400_UV Radiometric UV 250-400nm W/m2
DH400_R01 Radiometric 'blue' 400-500nm W/m2
DH400_R02 Radiometric 'red' 700-800nm W/m2
DH400_R03 Radiometric 'visible' 400-800nm W/m2
DH400_R04 Radiometric 'near IR' 800-1000nm W/m2
DH400_R05 Radiometric 'vis-NIR' 400-1000nm W/m2
DH400_yyy Custom/User defined within 200-1000 nm as required