NEW PRODUCT: TLS150Xe High powered tuneable light source

TLS150Xe tuneable light source

Bentham are pleased to announce the launch of the TLS150Xe high power tuneable light source, giving you the power of continuously tuneable monochromatic light at your fingertips.

Incorporating a 75W short-arc xenon lamp with efficient ellipsoidal reflector coupling, power supply, starter and a 150mm focal length monochromator all housed in a single 19" rack mounting unit, the TLS150Xe is a portable and plug-and-play solution that can be controlled from either the front panel or remotely through the USB interface.

A range of output fibre coupling options are offered in addition to our portfolio of measurement accessories to adapt the TLS150Xe to a wide range of applications through the UV-Vis-NIR (280-1100nm).

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