Integrating Spheres

Bentham manufactures an extensive range of integrating spheres from 2cm to 2m diameter, for measuring the total flux, spectral power distribution and chromaticity of almost any light source (from lasers and LEDs to large linear fluorescent tubes.

All our spheres can be coupled to our high performance spectroradiometer systems for UV-visible-IR spectral power distribution measurements yielding full colour information including colour rendering indices, chromaticity co-ordinates, colour temperature, etc. Alternatively precision photometric detectors can be fitted for direct total lumen output measurements.

All our spheres are fully compliant with CIE84 recommendations.

Depending on the wavelength range required, our spheres can be manufactured from various materials:

All spheres are available with many options and accessories including:

Diffuse reflection and transmission integrating spheres with specular light traps are also available.

Our spheres are also routinely used as uniform light sources.

 IS2,  IS3/4-ODM, IS4-QCIS4-AU(100mm),  IS6,  SRS8(200mm), IS10

IS1800 integrating sphereIS1000 integrating sphere

IS1800 (1.8m dia.) integrating sphereIS1000 (1m dia.) Integrating Sphere

If you would like to know more about our hihg intensity UV measurement systems, please contact one of our sales offices.