ILD-D2-QH Deuterium Quartz Halogen Dual Light Source

deuterium quartz halogen dual source

The ILD-D2-QH is a general purpose broad-band illuminator spanning the spectral range 200-2500nm.

Housing a 30W deuterium lamp and a 100W quartz halogen lamp with automated selection between the two, the ILD-D2-QH can be mounted to the entrance slit of any Bentham monochromator or spectrometer.

Efficient coupling is ensured by using condenser lenses for both sources that match the monochromator f/#.

Typical ILD-D2-QH output

ILD-D2QH Typical output


Optical chopper Integrated 5-slot optical chopper at exit of source to modulate light level at frequencies from 10-500Hz. Required in applications in infrared and in measurements performed in presence of secondary/ambient illumination.
Quick-change adaptor Dove-tail interface plate to attach to monochromator entrance slit for ease of changing light sources.

Ordering Information

ILD-D2-QH Dual source with 30W deuterium and 100W QH, no optical chopper
ILD-D2-QH-CH-QC Dual source with 30W deuterium and 100W QH, with integrated optical chopper, QC mount
27441 Spare 30 W deuterium lamp
09101 Spare 100 W QH lamp
PSU_706 Deuterium Lamp Power Supply
PSU_610 Constant current lamp power supply