IL1 Light Source

The IL1 is a general-purpose light source for use in the UV, visible and infra-red spectral regions from 350nm to 2.5mm.
A quartz halogen lamp controlled by a current stabilised power supply is employed.
A single quartz condenser lens is used to fill the height and width of the slit and to match to the F/4 optics of the monochromator.
The quartz halogen lamp is unsurpassed for stability by any other source and should always be used where it provides sufficient output in the wavelength region of interest.

IL1 typical output Typical IL1 relative output


Stability of light output Better than 0.1% over 8-hour period (when used with 605 p.s.u.)
Peak irradiance 1.3mW cm-2 nm-1 at 880nm
Lamp 100W quartz halogen
Horizontal adjustment by screw slide
Vertical adjustment by slackening nuts in T-slots
Lens Single quartz condenser lens, adjustable focus
Power leads 1m long with spade terminals provided
Bracket for mounting 218 optical chopper is included


Dimensions - Side view/Top view