DTR6 Integrating Sphere


Bentham manufactures a range of integrating spheres for measuring diffuse reflection and transmission.

The spheres are available with light traps, port reducers, 0°/8° sample adapters, sample holders and detector mounts.

The DTR6 is a barium sulphate coated integrating sphere, coupled with a monochromatic source and detection electronics, which allows the determination of the diffuse reflectance and diffuse transmittance of a sample.

The monochromatic probe is imaged onto the place of the port appropriate to the measured quantity, reflectance or transmittance.

In the case of diffuse transmittance, the sample is placed at the transmittance port, the sphere collects all light transmitted into the hemisphere behind the sample.

In the case of reflectance, the sample is placed at the reflectance port. The specular component may be excluded or included in the measurement, by the use of a trap or reflectance piece at the relevant port.

DTR6 diagram

For further information on the range of spheres available from Bentham, please contact one of our sales offices