Multi-channel Spectroradiometer, simultaneous 200-3000nm

It is often required to perform measurements of a given source over a very wide spectral region, for example, according to standards for the photo-biological safety of lamps, measurements are to be made over the spectral range 200-3000nm.

It is clearly advantageous to perform this measurement in one scan rather than multiple scans of discrete wavelength regions. Indeed, this is possible with Bentham's DTMc300 monochromator, in which up to three diffraction gratings per turret, and the output of which coupled to three detectors.

The system here illustrates a step further, namely dividing the entire spectral range into components and perform parallel scans in each of these spectral ranges. To this end, this system comprises a double monochromator for the spectral range 200-600nm, and a single monochromator for each of the spectral ranges 600-1100nm and 1100-3000nm, thereby reducing the overall measurement time, whilst maintaining the same measurement precision.

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